Friday, March 15, 2002

UGAT 24th Annual Conference - Schedule of Presentation

Anthropological Association of the Philippines

24th Annual Conference
8-10 April 2002, Samal Island, Davao City
Co-Sponsored by The Mindanao Consortium for Professional Practice in Anthropology and the Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue, Ateneo de Davao University


Introductory Paper

Linda Burton (Xavier University)
Karl Gaspar CSsR (Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue)
Albert E. Alejo SJ (Ateneo de Davao University)
Mindanao anthropology: Past, present and prospects

Panel 1: Mindanao Archaeology, History and Ecology
Convenor: Linda Burton (Xavier University)

Israel Cabanilla (University of the Philippines –Diliman)
Linking with the past

Margarita Cojuangco (University of Sto. Tomas)
Iranun historiographical contours of Central Mindanao: The Subpangan principality and the Pulangi River-Illana bay corridor, 1515-1765

Manuel R. Labrador (University of Mindanao)
Mandabon and the origin of Monkayo (A historical and social anthropological perspective)

Antonio J. Montalvan II (Lyceo de Cagayan University)
An Overview of Higaonon Decline in Northern Mindanao

Aurora Roxas-Lim (University of the Philippines – Asian Center)
Analysis of the Butuan archeological finds: Implications on Asian linkages

Panel 2: Indigenous Art, Music and Ritual
Convenor: Jose Buenconsejo (University of the Philippines, Diliman)

Honey Libertine Achanzar (University of the Philippines – Manila)
Indigenous concepts of power and the artisan’s muse

Manolete Mora (University of Hong Kong)
Body and Soul: Adeptness and Musical Performance

Maria Carmen Domingo Kirk (San Francisco Unified School District)
A Manobo feminist practice in the oral epic Agyu: A tradition of healing

Virginia L. Buhisan (MSU General Santos City)
Tudbulul: Hlingon tuha logi (The Song of the old Tboli man)

Jose S. Buenconsejo (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
Subjectivity in Agusan Manobo song Ted-em

Grassroots Dialogue

Elders of the Tagbaobo community (Isama of IGACOS)
Datu Camid Lapindoy (Ata-Matigsalug from Paquibato District, Davao)
Datu Al Saliling (Aromanon from Arakan Valley, Cotabato)

Workshop on Ethnographic Writing

Maria Mangahas (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
Superimposition of power in the landscape of a new city: Current narratives of location in Samal island

Karl Gaspar, CSsR

Panel 3: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Mindanao
Convenor: Floro Quibuyen (University of the Philippines – Visayas)

Herry Yogaswara (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)
Constructing image: The Indonesian perspective of Mindanao

Gus Miclat (Initiatives for International Dialogue)
Solidarity and the Mindanao struggle

Floro Quibuyen (University of the Philippines – Visayas)
Wayfinding - A “Disappeared” Knowledge in the Philippine Pre-history and anthropology

Aurora Roxas-Lim (University of the Philippines - Asian Center)
An overview of growth triangle: BIMP-EAGA

Panel 4: Cultures of Peace, Violence and Development
Convenor: Albert E. Alejo, SJ

Cynthia Neri Zayas (University of the Philippines –Diliman)
Shifting anchorage and violence in the lives of the Badjao

Anthony R. Balisi (University of the Philippines – Diliman)
Panandayuhan at pag-aangkop: Ang usapin ng mga Badjao ng Mindanao

Nimfa Bracamonte (Mindanao State University – Iligan)
Survival in an urban setting: Where to, Sama Dilaut?

Vel J. Suminguit, Ma. Easterluna S. Canoy and Merlyne M. Paunlagui
Creating Space For Local Forest Management: A Case Study In Sitio Kiito

Rudy Rodil (Mindanao State University – Iligan)
Dyandi among the B’laan

Mac Tiu (Ateneo de Davao University)
‘Huwes de kutsilyo’: Kultura sa kaparotan

Ruben Martinez (Organization for Training, Research and Development Foundation)
Negotiations and compromise on Mindanao peace and development: Implication to the resolution of conflicting issue of equity, growth and ecology

Herbert Rosana (Bicol University)
Human rights education concept towards building a culture of peace:
Implications to tertiary education

Arnold Azurin (University of the Philippines – Diliman)
The dialectic of war and peace since the pre-Islamic Mindanao till the present

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