Monday, June 23, 2008

Pag-uugat ng UGAT - 8th Dish Unity Series

We are inviting everyone to attend the 8th Dish Unity Series entitled - 'Pag-uugat ng UGAT' - more recollections, UGAT photos and publications over the last 30 years and preview of video 'Sweet Parangal ng UGAT' for Israel Cabanilla on 28 June 2008 - 3pm at Prof. Maria Mangahas' house (P5 Velasquez St. Sunrise Cottage UP Campus, Diliman).

Bring a dish!


"Dish-Unity Gatherings" are held in UP Diliman, and participated in by UGAT members and UP Anthropology Alumni. Many of the participants are applying Anthropological knowledge and concepts in diverse fields including art, education, theater and broadcasting, and are interested to discuss the value of Anthropology for the public.

UGAT 30th Annual Conference Call for Papers


Anthropological Association of the Philippines

30th Annual Conference
23-25 October 2008, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Sponsor: Philippine Social Science Council

Heritage is a contested socio-cultural category because what constitutes it depends on the ways by which positioned actors and institutions would mobilize its meaningful values in such realms as identity politics, commodification of culture as resource, and biocultural diversity advocacies. Hence, heritage, as a vital site of cultural production, consumption and transformation, has permeated our views on cultural similitude and difference, and necessarily implicates issues of authenticity, appropriation, conservation, preservation and so forth. As a subject matter, it has increasingly become a site for transdisciplinal inquiries by practitioners and scholars in the social sciences and the humanities. In all these, perspectives drawing on theories of culture, power, temporality, space, agency and structure get mobilized, resulting in often competing understandings of heritage as a human invention entangled in subjectivities, structures and processes, at local, national, regional and global scales.

With the theme, “Performing Heritage,” UGAT invites panel and paper proposals for the 2008 Annual Conference. Papers and panels are expected to problematize the various modes of performing Filipino heritage (e.g. in festivals, cinema, cyberspace, museums and other spectacles) in (trans-)national settings. Suggested areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Heritage in theatre, film and the media
  • Tourism and representation
  • Heritage and eco-tourism
  • The revival/(re-)invention of fiestas and traditions
  • Place marketing through heritage
  • State, heritage and spectacle
  • Intersections of archaeology and heritage studies
  • Aesthetics and politics of dance competitions in festivals
  • Institutionalization of heritage conservation
  • The language of heritage and the heritage of language
  • Heritage and the transformation of landscapes
  • Preservation of intangible heritage
  • Disaster and heritage restoration and management
  • History as heritage
Guidelines for ABSTRACTS

  1. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words.
  2. Authors must indicate the sub-theme their paper may fall under.
  3. Submissions should include the author’s name, institutional affiliation and contact information (mailing address, telephone no., mobile phone no., e-mail address). For students, please indicate your intent to join the Student Paper Competition.
  4. Abstracts should be sent to by 15 JULY 2008.
Abstracts may be considered for either paper presentation or poster presentation.

Papers authored by students will be automatically entered in the student paper competition. The winning paper will be considered for publication in the Aghamtao.

For other inquiries, please contact UGAT at 0918-6989445 or at, or go to