Saturday, September 8, 2012

Agta Cimaron Agta Tabangnon of Donsol

September  8, 2012


To whom it may concern,

Good day!

I am a nephew of Milagros Tonga Musa or "lola lagring" (as many addressed her) from Dancalan, Donsol, Sorsogon one of the members of your respected association way back 1980's according to her. She became one of the researchers during her time when she was with your association. I am glad and proud when I have learned that she also contributed her studies and researches that was sponsored by your association here in Bicol. She authored the book "Agta Cimaron Agta Tabangnon of Donsol" in 80's respectively ( my apology if I don't give the exact title). At present, she is still an active chieftain here in Bicol. Since her personal copy of her book was lost many years ago by a certain agta member here in Bicol, she was really upset and dissapointed of its lost. I saw her eagerness and willingness to have a copy again of her book that is why I don't waste a time writing you about this. I would like to help my "auntie" have a copy of the book again. Now that she was around 60 years old I want her to be happy and this is the only way I believe would make her really happy.

With full of hope that my wish would be granted with the help of this e-mail, it is our pleasure if you give us another copy and recognize her as a member whom once gave a big contribution to your association and to the agta community as well.

God bless and more power!

Respectfully yours,

Hilda T. Nacion