Monday, February 26, 2007

The Theories of Performances of the Musics of Asia

The U.P. College of Music
The U.P. Center for Ethnomusicology

in cooperation with the

Musical Arts and Research ManagementFoundation, Inc.
Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts
Musicological Society of the Philippines
Ugnayang Pang-Agham Tao, Inc.



Inter-Active Forum on the Musics from Burma, China, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines

8:00-5:00 pm
27-28 February 2007
Abelardo Hall Auditorium
University of the Philippines Diliman
Free Admission

The Symposium on "The Theories of Performances of the Musics of Asia" is a meeting of experts from Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Iran, Okinawa Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, to present and demonstrate the uniqueness of both Asian music performance practice from both traditional and contemporary perspectives. The symposium shall be conducted in a round-table exchange consist of semi-formal presentations as well as free-wheeling discussion among the experts (presenters, reactors, demonstrators) , with time allocations for openforum.

In 2002, the Center for Ethnomusicology hosted the Conference of the Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology with its theme: A Search for a New Theory of Music in Asia. This event generated a new awareness in viewing the musical cultures of Asia as truly a source of are thinking of musical values and understanding. The present event, though much more modest than the APSE conference, is intended to pursue the same goal. Having been authored by the founder of the UP Center for Ethnomusicology, National Artist José M. Maceda., this search for new understanding is partly to further substantiate his vision of a renaissance in the musics of Asia.