Friday, November 27, 2009

Aghamtao 18

Aghamtao: Journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) / Anthropological Association of the Phlippines
Volume 18 / 2009

Performing Heritage


Pride of Place, Pride of Self
Fernando N. Zialcita

Negotiating craft in development: A case of piƱa weaving in Panay
Hiroko Nagai

Pantomina, Catandunganon version: Choreographing identity and the politics of dance in insular Bicol
Ramon Felipe A Sarmiento

Lami-lamihan: Yakan cultural festivity and authenticity
Robert V. Panaguiton

Institutionalization, Filipino Martial Arts, and “Pilosopiya ng Pagpapaubra” Values, risks and possibilities
Perseville U. Mendoza

Fiesta heritage and diaspora identity maintenance: Sinulog, Santacruzan, and Simbang Gabi among migrant Filipinos in New Zealand
Josefina Socorro 
Flores Tondo

Towards a Lexicon of Philippine Dichotyledonous Wood Terms from 16th to 19th c. sources: A Preliminary Listing
Cheek Sangalang Fadriquela

“Bato nga tinumpok”: Stone tidal weirs as representations of “kabilin”, knowledge heritage and cultural landscapes
Cynthia Neri Zayas

The Philippine Military Academy ‘cadel lingo’ as heritage
Wilfredo B. Manalang III

Philippine cemeteries as heritage sites
Michelle S. Eusebio

“Touch the Artist’s Vision"
Anenette Lee Esparaz

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