Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dish-Unity Gatherings

"Dish-Unity Gatherings" are held in UP Diliman, and participated in by UGAT members and UP Anthropology Alumni. Many of the participants are applying Anthropological knowledge and concepts in diverse fields including art, education, theater and broadcasting, and are interested to discuss the value of Anthropology for the public. Topics covered sofar include the following:

July: "'Cutting Edge Anthropology' in the US" (a discussion on hierarchies and carreers in Anthropology Departments in the US with Dr. Martin Manalansan, formerly with the UP Department of Anthropology, now based in Illinois)

August: "Where are UP Anthropology Alumni Today?", "'Public Interest Anthropology' and the Huluga Case", "Landmarks in UGAT History"

September: "'Knowledge Production in Anthropology in UP Diliman', a survey of MA/PhD topics through the years" (presented by Eufracio Abaya)

November: "Paradoxes in Philippine Education: Views from Anthropology"

January: "Ethics and politics of Archaeological Heritage Conservation" , "More UGAT History"

February: "Huluga, Himulugan, and other sites of archaeological significance in Cagayan de Oro"

May 3, 2008: "The Politics of Knowledge Production and Consumption in Philippine Education: Insights from Anthropology"

The aim is to continue to hold these informal gatherings every third Saturday of the Month.