Thursday, November 27, 2014

Aghamtao 23

Aghamtao: Journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) / Anthropological Association of the Philippines
Volume 23 / 2014

Rethinking and Remaking Forms of Knowledge 

A Disappearing Tradition: Gapas (Cotton, Gossypmium hirsutum) as Textile and Medicine in Santander, Cebu
Zona Hildegarde S. Amper

Cosmology of Mandaya
Emmanuel S. Nabayra

Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Wild Yam buloy (Dioscorea divaricata) and its value to the Magbukun Ayta Community
Ma. Dolores Tongco 
Will McClatchey 
Eulalio Malicsi 
Miguel Quitain 
Alberto Malunic 
Mercedes Cayetano 
Josefina Alejo 
Berlinda Restum 
Emilita Restum, and the 
Magbukun Ayta Community

Ati Migration and Trade in Ethnomedicines in Cebu
Bonifacio M. Amper Jr.

Anthropology of, for and with design: A Philippine Perspective
Pamela G. Cajilig 
Diego S. Maranan

Appropriations and Adjustments: Badjau Indigenous Laws amidst Philippine State Laws
Robert V. Panaguiton

The Politics of Generosity: Traffic in Goods Resistance and the Crafting of Selves within the Contemporary Transnational Filipino Household
Clement Castigador Camposano


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