Friday, September 15, 2006

Appropriating Indigenous Cultures of the Philippines : Festivals and Other Spectacles

The SUBCOMMISSION ON CULTURAL COMMUNITIES AND TRADITIONAL ARTS of the NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR CULTURE AND THE ARTS invites you to a 3-day conference, “Appropriating Indigenous Cultures of the Philippines : Festivals and Other Spectacles,” to mark the Indigenous Peoples Month in October this year.

The congress will set the stage for the discussion and evaluation of the modes of appropriation of indigenous resources in cultural practice as well as the formulation of policy recommendations to heighten public awareness of the integrity of indigenous cultures in the country.

Paper presenters and discussants come from Indigenous Peoples (IP) organizations, the academe, art and culture agencies, media organizations, film industry, advertising agencies, tourism industry, and other related governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The congress is in line with NCCA’s mandate to protect the integrity of cultural symbols and meanings in tangible and intangible traditions (i.e. social values, moral and ethical standards) of indigenous peoples in the Philippines .

The event will be held at the Philippine Social Science Center on 19 to 21 October 2006. You can direct your inquiries to 0917-5336578 or 0915-9915051 or to or see for more information.

The conference is free to the public.

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