Wednesday, January 25, 2006

UGAT eGroups

hi tuni,

as of now, we do not have an official e-groups for ugat. however, we have quite an extensive mailing list which was generated from the directories that i inherited (which is still not complete; we are reconstructing the lifetime member list) and the participants from the last two conferences. we do have a temporary website which is where we post announcements and information on the upcoming conference. it's . we also have an official e-mail address ( as of now.

i would appreciate it if you can forward whatever directory you have so i can also include it in the mailing list or list of lifetime members. right now we are doing the reconstruction by recall.

i still have to consult with sir boi (and the board probably) about an official e-groups for ugat although right now i don't have the time to make it. if the board decides to make one, would you be willing to help me with it? right now, we send mass e-mails to the mailing list whenever we need to make any announcements.

that's all for now.