Thursday, August 19, 2004

Aghamtao 13

Aghamtao: Journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) / Anthropological Association of the Philippines
Volume 13 / 2004


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Table of Contents:

Is There a Cultural of Science in the Philippines
Raul Pertierra

Creative and Integrative University Education within a Universe as Educator for the Integrity of Creation
Fr. Gerog Ziselsberger, SVD

Integrating Darwin's "View of Life: in Anthropological Knowledge/Education: Foregrounding Human-Nonhuman Entanglements
Myfel Joseph D. Paluga

Educating for Citizenship Through Service Learning
Beulah Rose Rubio Torres

The Essence of Development as Epitomized in Formal and Alternative Educational Settings
Nimfra L. Bracamonte

Balay Turun-An: An Experience in Implementing Indigenous Education in Central Panay
Alicia P. Magos

Teaching Through the Language and Culture Approach: The Case of Cebuano
Erlinda K. Alburo

Ilang Isyung Pangkultura sa Batayang Edukasyon
Rozanno E. Rufino

Learning from Women and Children, Educating the Scholars and the Ordinary Man on the Street: The Filipino Nursery Rhymes
Mario L. Cuezon

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