Monday, September 19, 1994

In honor of our beloved Aling Naty

In honor of our beloved Aling Naty

Let us pause for a few minutes from our work and pray for the soul of Miss Natividad Noriega, “Aling Naty”, as she was fondly called by her friends.

Miss Noriega exemplified a loyal U.P. administrative employee. As curator of the National Institute of Geological Sciences in Diliman, she kept the University’s mineralogical, petrological and paleontological collections in order. She pursued her work with dedication and excellence.

Miss Noriega underwent intensive training in curatorial work here and abroad. When the late Dr. Otley Beyer turned over his collections to U.P., he stipulated in the contract that Miss Noriega should take care of and manage the collections. It is well-known in scientific circles how meticulous Dr. Beyer treated his lifetime collections; to have designated Miss Norlega to take charge of these priceless artifacts is indeed proof of her reliability and integrity.

Miss Noriega, was truly an example of a Pahinungód, a person whose daily life was given in service to God and her fellow human beings. Miss Noriega leaves a special heritage of dedicated service and honor that we in the University of the Philippines value and are proud of.

Emil Q. Javier
President, University of the Philippines, 1993-1999
19 September 1994

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