Monday, December 24, 1990

Aghamtao 7

Aghamtao: Journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) / Anthropological Association of the Philippines
Volume 7 / 1990


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Table of Contents:

Testimonial to a Tireless Pioneer
Arnold Molina Azurin

On Cultural Pluralism & Nationhood
Imelda Valdez

Intoducing Philippneasian
E. Arsenio Manuel

The Incorporation of the Province of Cavite Into the World Economy
John P. McAndrew

Some Thoughts on Current Filipino Peasant Worldview
Noel Mondejar

Fiestas: A Reevaluation
Alice G. Guillermo

Folk Reasoning as Art: An Aspect of Culturral Pluralism and Nationhood
Vivencio R. Jose

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