Wednesday, June 15, 1983

Aghamtao 5-6: Editor's Note

Aghamtao: Journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) / Anthropological Association of the Philippines
Volume 5-6 / 1982-1983

Editor’s Note

This issue of Aghamtao features selected papers from the 5th and 6th national conference of UGAT. Although the publication of these papers has been delayed, their relevance has not been diminished; in fact, one could venture that they have become more significant in the light of events since 1983.

The 5th national conference’s theme, “Anthropology and Technology: Third World Perspectives”, reflects Philippine Anthropology’s expanded interests. Yraola’s paper discusses the potential application of technology in anthropology. Fiagoy’s paper touches on a long-neglected area of research: The division of labor according to sex, and its implications for developmental projects. Morales discusses the deteriorating ecosystem in Iligan (where UGAT’s 5th conference was held), the result of weak public policies in regulating technology. The research paper from the Episcopal Commission on Tribal Filipinos focuses on the Kaliwa-Kanan dam, which will dislocate some 11,000 small farmers. Only this month, national newspapers announced that the plans for constructing the dams would push through, explaining how the dam would benefit Metro Manila residents, but with no reference to the small farmers in the proposed dam site.

Three other papers have been taken from the 6th national conference whose theme was “People’s Organization in Social Transformation”. Pagasura delivered (and sang) his paper on protest songs, an emerging genre which draws from indigenous sources, revitalized by contemporary social conditions. Mc Andrew, on the other hand, analyzes the peasant world view in terms of healing, one which necessarily includes concepts of power and transformation. Finally, we have Cunanan’s paper on the impact of US military bases on Negritos. The issue of the bases has, of course, become one of the national concern.

In editing the papers, the delay in obtaining support (as with volume III) meant problems in terms of contacting the writers. We again apologize for introducing our own revisions although every effort was made to preserve the original style of the papers.

Publication of this issue of the journal has been made possible by a grant from the National Science and Technology Authority through the Philippine Social Science Council.

Michael L. Tan
15 June 1985

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