Thursday, December 24, 1981

Aghamtao 4

Aghamtao: Journal of the Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao, Inc. (UGAT) / Anthropological Association of the Philippines
Volume 4 / 1981


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Table of Contents:

Anthropologists and the Anthroplogy of Power
Ponciano L. Bennagen

The Peasant Struggle for Power in the Philippines: An Overview
Noel Mondejar

A Critique of Present Scholarship on Rizalist Cults and Millenarian Movements: Towards a Radical Anthropology
Floro C. Quibuyen

The Dynamics of Leadership in Kalinga
Maximo B. Garming

Rumor and Tremor in a Visayan Community: Some Anthropological Reflections on Symbolic Power
Jean-Paul Dumont

A Conceptual Model of Dispute Settlement Among Meranao: An Alternative Approach in the Study of Conflict Resolution
Intuas M. Abdullah

The Conflict in Mindanao: Perspective from South of the Border
S. Sothi Rachagan
Richard F. Dorall

Research on Adaptive Strategies in the Philippines Directions and Projects
Rowe V. Cadelina

Holy Warriors, Deviants and Other Fanatics A Prelude to doing Research in a National Security Conscious State
Richard F. Dorall

Decision-Making and Authority in Papua New Guinea: Comments on Power and the Quality of Life
K.J. Pataki-Schweizer

Caste and Class in India
Ajit Singh Rye

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