Sunday, October 1, 2000

UGAT Annual Conferences (1978~2000)

UGAT Annual Conferences (1978~2000)

1st (1978, Laguna) Philippine Anthropology Today”

2nd (1979, Baguio City) “The Power of Anthropology: A Dialogue Among Developers”

3rd (1980, Cebu City) “The Filipino and His Changing Environment”

4th (1981, Dumaguete City) “The Anthropology of Power”

5th (1982, Iligan City) “Anthropology and Technology: Third World Perspectives”

6th (1983, Cotabato) “Anthropology of Mass Movements: Peoples Organizations in Social Transformation”

7th (1984, Bukidnon) “The Anthropology of the Future: Emerging Structures and Processes”

8th (1985, Legaspi City) “Anthropology of Education: Contribution to Nationhood”

9th (1987, Cagayan de Oro City) “Culture Change and National Development”

10th (1988, Marawi City) “Ethnicity and National Unity”

11th (1989, Tacloban City) “Anthropology and Resistance”

12th (1990, Manila) “Philippine Ethnography: Issues in Cultural Pluralism and Nationhood”

13th (1991, Manila) “Anthropology of Philippine Anthropology: Issues and Concerns for the Nineties”

14th (1992, Laguna) “Anthropology of Development: Issues and Concerns of the Nineties”

15th (1993, Cebu City) “Sustainability of Development: The Anthropological Perspective”

16th (1994, General Santos City) “The Anthropology of Transformation”

17th (1995, Nueva Ecija) “Anthropology of Disaster”

18th (1996, Benguet) “The Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines: Knowledge, Power and Struggles”

19th (1997, Palawan) “Territoriality, Histories and Identities”

20th (1998, Quezon City) “Philippine Anthropology in the 21st Century”

21st (1999, Albay) “The Use and Abuse of Anthropology in the Philippines”

22nd (2000, Misamis Oriental) “Theory and Practice of Philippines Anthropology: Reviewing the Past to View the Future”

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